This post will be a hodge-podge of topics likely unrelated to each other, but at least will come up in a search.


Food Poisoning

People with food poisoning, drug overdoses, excessive gas, dry heaving and vomiting all have a friend in Activated Charcoal (#366-2)This should be on everyone’s shelf at home and certainly packed in your bags when going overseas.  Activated Charcoal reduces the amount of poison absorbed into the blood stream from the digestion and it works instantly on contact.  At first signs of nausea/diarrhea, take 4 capsules.  If vomiting has begun, open 6 capsules into about 1/4 cup water, make a little slurry and begin sipping through a straw AFTER vomiting.  (Do not discourage vomiting – it is your intelligent body trying to save your life.)  The sooner this treatment begins, the less severe the symptoms will be.  AND, when this hits you will NOT feel like going to the store to get some so have it on hand – it doesn’t go bad.


Insect Bites and Stings

Insect stings or bee stings with swelling also benefit from an Activated Charcoal poultice.  Use your saliva to wet the powder and apply to unbroken skin.
If you don’t have activated charcoal, and you know your weeds, you can chew up a washed leaf of plantain and apply it to the bite and secure it there.  It is a life saver.

If you find a tick, apply any essential oil to it before trying to dislodge it.  The strength of the essence will make the tick go into reverse.  Then remove it.  Many people have tea tree, or lavender, or other concentrated essence on hand.  These have been shown to be antimicrobial, and they stimulate circulation locally.

More to come.


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  1. Donna Slingluff says:

    Dear Pat: Do you have a protocol or any available information to help a family going to Africa for two years. They have to have yellow fever shots and the children have never had Hep A and B shots. What should they take before having the shots to prepare their bodies and what should they take after the shots. The children run from age 3 to 9 and Mom is very worried.
    Please email me with any info you have on this topic. Thank you so much.

  2. Faith says:

    Is the Activated Charcoal effective against diarrhea that has been ongoing for several days? I had a food poisoning episode four days ago and unfortunately did not read this post until now. I am still producing very water diarrhea – can I take the Activated Charcoal for it at this point? I am drinking plenty of homemade chicken/beef/lamb stock! Thanks!

  3. Maria G says:

    Hi, Pat-
    My 3- and 5.5-year-olds got stung by 5+ yellowjackets 1 week ago. The youngest had 3 stings on his 2 ears (total), which both became very red & inflamed. 1-2 hrs after the yellowjacket attack, his left eyelid appeared swollen/puffy/”droopy”. I had put both boys in a baking soda bath and given them motrin, per the pediatrician (to reduce the swelling, hoping to relieve some of the pain). The next day, all symptoms were resolved and neither boy complained.
    Yesterday (6 days later), those same symptoms re-appeared in my youngest a couple of hours after playing outside. He has always been sensitive to mosquito bites (ie. quarter-sized red spots), and it appears that he got some bites on his legs yesterday.
    Could this re-trigger his symptoms? What angle do I need to take for treating this? This morning the back of his left hand is also red & swollen, which is another place he got stung last week.
    Thanks for your recommendations.

    p.s. My mom knew you 20+ years ago when we lived in Newport News.

  4. Maria G says:

    Thank you for your response, Pat. We’re still working our way through this (and other outside allergen responses in the boys).
    God bless,

  5. Diane Glogner A friend of Sandy says:

    The man that was exposed to sewer gas for 16 years traps in a bathroom dry; suffered all all the symptoms of methane poisoning and resulted in the major brain bleed that has left him with issues with speech and memory. He was a very active and alert and physically capable man but now has what drs. consider irreversible issues. I do not know if he would understand liver cleanse or anything else. He was in the ER. for a hemorrhaging tooth socket from a tooth the Dentist said could not be saved a few days later in the ER. for an anal hemorrhage, a few DAYS later the major brain bleed and because of his age they only provided comfort acre. THANK YOU Doctors!!!!

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