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Biofield – Measurable energetic fields external to the body. We cannot see these fields so their importance has been missed.

In 1994, the National Institutes of Health established the term ‘biofield’, calling it an ensemble or matrix of different energies that extend outward from the body.  The biofield is comprised of many energies associated with the life process itself.  Ancient cultures have known this.  According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), a form of bodily energy called ‘chi’ circulates throughout and around the body.   The resultant induced electrical paths on the surface of the skin are called ‘meridians’.  Acupuncture and JinShinJyutsu attempt to restore a healthy biofield at the skin surface.   The improved energetic flows affect the body’s electric flows which then benefits the life process.

Just like your cell phone emits information, every cell contributes to the biofield, which carries information about our internal organs that can be detected by an energetic assessment.  This is the basis of the Electro-Dermal Screening Test (EDST).  Electro-Dermal screening is similar to the lie detector test in which an operator observes involuntary changes in the electrical resistance of the skin in response to various questions. The iTovi is a type of EDST.   The predecessors to the EDST were invented in the 1950’s by the German doctor Reinhold Voll whose name is given to the class of devices, EAV or Electro Acupuncture according to Voll.

Small electrical signals are sent and received to scan and assess the body’s stress responses.

It was soon discovered that when an internal organ’s function or structure changed, the characteristics of the related meridian (or body circuit) also changed, and that change could be registered on the EDST.  (The core of the EDST is an ohm meter designed to deliver a very small and perfectly safe amount of current. On the majority of the devices the meter is calibrated to read from 0 to 100 such that the standard skin resistance reads 50.   An initial reading of approximately 50, followed by little or no indicator drop (ID) is considered to be “balanced.”)  Initial readings over 60 may indicate inflammation or overactivity of the particular system.  Readings below 45 may indicate underactivity or degeneration.

During the iTovi measurement the testee and the hand cradle electrodes form a closed circuit.    The iTovi reading is related to how much energy makes it through the circuit.


Supplement Testing

In 1945, Reinhold Voll discovered by accident that a medicine placed in contact with a patient’s body affects the readings of an electro-dermal screening test (EDST).

“I diagnosed one colleague as having chronic prostatitis and advised him to take a homeopathic preparation called Echinaceae 4x. He replied that he had this medication in his office and went to get it. When he returned with the bottle of Echinaceae in his hand, I tested the prostate measurement point again and made the discovery that the point reading which previously was up to 90 had decreased to 64, which was an enormous improvement of the prostate value. I had the colleague put the bottle aside and the previous measurement value returned. After holding the medication in his hand the measurement value went down to 64 again, and this pattern repeated itself as often as desired.” [Voll: The Phenomenon of Medicine Testing in Electro-acupuncture According to Voll]

In EDST, “Supplement testing” is performed on any suspect points that are not able to maintain balance – that is, an indicator drop occurs.  The practitioner’s goal is to find one or a combination of remedies that will balance the point, i.e. cause the point tested to exhibit a “good” reading.  Remedy samples to be tested are placed in the circuit of the EDST measurement or held by the testee.  A remedy that balances the reading will probably have a positive effect and can be considered for use as a beneficial dietary supplement.  No response implies that the remedy would have no effect, and a worsening response implies a negative effect.  In this way supplements can be tried out without actually being ingested.  An EDST device can also make a digital “recording” of the vibrational information in any supplement.  The vibrational information can be store and the whole process automated.

It has been found in EDST ‘supplement testing’ that a remedy that balances one point will balance others as well. And, it would be optimal to find one remedy that would adequately balance all unbalanced points. This ‘matching’ process is automated in the iTovi software.

EDST has evolved to both simpler automated devices, like the iTovi, and to more specialized devices useful for specific diagnostic applications, all under the burdensome and biased scrutiny of the FDA.  None of these devices should be referred to as diagnostic devices because they do NOT give a diagnosis in the common medical sense of the word. They DO identify ‘energetic imbalances’ which is outside the ‘scope of care’ of medical doctors.  Experience has shown that these energetic imbalances may ultimately develop into a diagnosable disease.  iTovi allow the common man to practice intelligent prevention.


Pat Block ND


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