(for chemically, emotionally or otherwise damaged livers)

The liver – 2nd biggest organ because it has LOTS of work to do.

Let’s cut to the chase – If your liver is healthy your ability to develop a serious disease is impaired.  Good, right?   The Chinese have observed this and taught this in their traditional medical schools for years. (FYI – a normal liver-function blood test result does NOT guarantee a well functioning liver!)  SO, if you are concerned about getting cancer or diabetes or what your parents developed, why not clean house now?  Do this gentle liver build & cleanse routine twice a year.  It is gentle and cheap health insurance.

If you have already had cancer – you know it comes back according to this simple rule:

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

So you need to change something, and the liver is the best place to start.  You know now that the medical treatments for cancer poison the liver – ask your oncologist.  That’s why liver cancer is so scary – the only treatment is to poison the organ that needs to be nourished.  It’s tragic that they even offer chemo for liver cancer – but that is all they have.

When all you own is a hammer, every problem starts looking like a nail.

In fact, chemotherapeutic agents are themselves carcinogenic.  (This is easy to understand in view of the fact that your liver and the lumen of your intestines are your detox factories.  Any toxin – even Tylenol – goes to the liver to be broken down so it doesn’t hurt the body tissues.)  Even your ability to survive standard medical treatment depends on liver health.  Why do ya think they monitor liver enzymes?  So start doing something about it. (← rant)

No need to cite all the research on how we trash our liver with environmental toxins – with the internet you can do it yourself.  But what does it matter?  You cannot avoid these things anyway but you can compensate and fortify yourself in view of them.  Besides, God thinks ahead and He knew what we would be exposed to and built in protective mechanisms.  However, we were not built to endure for long the effects of anger, hate, rage – the emotional things that really damage the liver (because they are one level higher than the physical).
Know this: those sensitive to every little thing in their environment (allergies) have compromised liver function and/or exhausted adrenals…from compromised liver function.  [FYI often allergies, headaches, depression, high blood sugar, hot-flashes, hormone imbalances and shoulder problems relent after this treatment – an extra bonus.]

My approach is to give the liver ingredients to rebuild its own function, then give it ingredients to detox your whole body. Two weeks to build and encourage proper function, then one week to work on your body. This build & cleanse is done in two 3-week cycles. If your bowels tend to be slow then your liver is likely toxic but you should investigate remedies for improving that function.

Many of us may have sound and functioning livers but if we haven’t provided, through our diet, the materials necessary for the liver to render the toxins that are brought to it harmless, then it will sequester these toxins in the body tissues (often the fat cells but sometimes the liver cells).  So these herbs provide a variety of phyto-chemicals that are useful for breaking down toxic substances.  It is good to rotate and provide a wide variety of phyto-chemicals to your liver.  FYI – A clue that you are missing these detoxing ingredients is a craving for sour foods – pickles, mustard, vinegar, lemons, etc.  See the liver doc for more indicators.

Note: If your bowels are very stubborn, consider doing the gentle magnesium bowel cleanse first.


Herbs you need:

1. Chinese Blood Build (or Stimulator) TCM (BP-C) (#1005-9) is a combination that encourages proper liver function.  It is used to overcome blood deficiencies and hormone imbalances associated with chronic liver dysfunction.  The herbs work to enhance immune response, reduce free radicals and improve blood circulation.  I have found that this reliably works for anemia.

2. Chinese Mood Elevator TCM (AD-C) (#1035-7) contains herbs which strengthen the liver and its function.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches that the liver supports the mood, thus helping the liver helps the mood as well.  This combination is good for a liver that is sluggish which results in a sinking/heavy feeling in the chest or in bouts of depression.  This formula helps with some eye problems.

3. Enviro Detox (#874-4) OR Chinese Liver Balance (#1860-1)

Your first time around on this cleanse you should use Enviro Detox but not if you have a tendency to diarrhea. Enviro Detox has a mild tendency to move the bowels which may be too much for some people (and not enough for others). If diarrhea is not the case with you then the first cycle use the EnviroDetox. Depending on your results and how you felt during the cleanse you can continue to use it or switch up to Chinese Liver Balance. In my opinion this is gentler and yet still will aid in detoxing the body.

4. Gentle Move (#952-9) soothes the bowels while encouraging proper function of them. As the liver rids itself and the body of toxins through the bile, it should be absorbed and moved out.

One bottle of each will get you through the 6 weeks. To repeat this 6 -week cycle you will need to reorder only 1. and 2. above. This detox is not hard on your body at all and you can continue this until you feel it has done all the good it can for you. People report to me that they feel so much better from an odd variety of ailments. And no one has ever told me they are sorry they spent this $ and time on themselves.


Schedule to take them

Week 1, (week 4) take at breakfast…
Week 2, (week 5) take at breakfast…
Week 3, (week 6) take at breakfast…
Conc C. Blood Build (Stim) 2 capsules  0  0
Conc C. Mood Elevator  0 2 capsules  0
Enviro Detox,  OR
C. Liver Balance
 0  0 2 capsules
Gentle Move 2 capsules 2 capsules 2 capsules

Because these herbs will affect the liver they are only taken at breakfast. If you forget to take them and cannot take them at or before lunch, then just skip them for the day and take them tomorrow.


Enhancements to Target Specific Imbalances

As discussed elsewhere on this site there are supplements that can be added to this cleanse to get better results for particular situations.  To keep the cleanse ‘gentle’  you can add only one (or two) of them in at breakfast.

MSM (#4059-4) Add this for joint problems, or allergies or acid reflux up to 2B, 2D
N-Acetyl Cysteine (#509-7)  If you suffer from sleep disturbances, or lymph stagnation  2B
SAMe (#1845-2) If you have sinking mood episodes – minor or major or are on anti-depressants 2B, 2D
Milk Thistle TR  If you are on, or have been on many/any medications for a long time.  1B
You may want to stay on this while on any medications or if you consume a lot of GMO foods (franken foods) at the level of 1B, 3x/week.


31 Responses to The Gentle Liver Cleanse

  1. Lori Wallingford says:

    I want to do this liver cleanse and take N-Acetyl Cysteine to help me sleep. Do I take it at night or at breakfast. Thanks.

  2. Molly says:

    I have melasma or pregnancy mask which has never gone away. Do you think this will help?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Molly,
      I used to have this too. I believe it is due to poor liver function. I cannot say for certain that it will help with the skin BUT I can say it will help your liver.

  3. Ian says:


    the enviro-detox link isn’t working.


  4. Carolyn Pierce says:

    Hi Pat
    I was hoping you could explain the liver detox in a little more detail. I didn’t know if you had to eat certain foods or if you just take the herbs.
    My Mother,Father and Sister all passed away with lung cancer. I am O – neg blood type and do not smoke anymore. I kicked the habit over 10 years ago.
    Do you have any suggestions for lungs since my family history seems so prevalent in that type of cancer. Appreciate any info you can give me.
    Thanks Carolyn Pierce

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Carolyn,
      Any organ, including the lung, can detox itself to the extent that the lymph around the tissue can take out the trash, OR, in the case of the lung, (plan B) make sufficient mucus to help toxins exit if the lymph isn’t moving. But all trash is ultimately removed from the body by the liver so ANY detox program will stall without a well functioning liver. This post explains the way out. And this one has some lung info. If you are fatigued or have poor circulation those posts are important.
      I’m writing a new post on the 4 innate rectifiers of disease which will be done in a month or so but it will contain most of the elements I have outlined here.

  5. Dave says:

    Pat, love your site. I have suffered from extreme itching for 6 months. The worst is the back of the head, it is so severe I have scratched to the point of sores and bleeding. Dermatologists and allergists think it was a reaction to PPD in hair dye, but it is not getting better after all this time and many rounds of antibiotics and drugs. I am at wits end and am thinking of a liver detox. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Dave,
      I have had this too. Some important concepts to understand about itching and boils (and swollen lymph nodes) are found in the Open the Exits post. When you get to the liver portion add MSM when doing the Gentle Liver Cleanse. It is important to resolve this, not only for quality of life but to avoid serious dxs in years to come. ;~)
      PS And all ‘allergies’ go back to the liver. Consider some probiotics or kefir since the doc wrecked your gut. :~(

  6. Stephanie Hosey says:

    Hello Pat. Glad to see nutrition linked with our Creation and Creator. Spot on.

    In doing a liver cleanse I want to be cautious with my known health issues: Adrenal Fatigue Stage II, Hypoglycemia, Low Unbalanced hormones w/estro dominant (working on all these with dr’s who are also Believers). But I’m on my own a little with the Liver Cleanse. I want to consider NAC but reading about it I see to be careful with Vitamin C levels.

    Any other in put on NAC. I already take Milk Thistle 150 mg and have begun to have some relief in toxic reactions since I started this and have been addressing my health issues above. My diet if fairly clean (think Maker’s Diet).

    Thank you.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Stephanie,
      Although I call this protocol a ‘cleanse’ you are actually cycled through building and then cleansing. If we nourish the liver into proper function it will cleanse itself – given the ingredients. That’s my philosophy.
      Now the adrenals can become exhausted trying to get the liver to do what it should – particularly in regards to regulating the blood sugar. People find great improvement with the liver/adrenal formulas C. Nervous Fatigue, Red Beet Root or HY-A. I see this a lot.
      In your situation you should consider some adrenal sparing ginseng – like Eleuthero (3B, 3D to start and reduce with improvement). This smooths out highs and lows and will make you feel less sensitive to what and when you eat.

  7. Stephanie Hosey says:

    Thanks Pat for your time and reply. I read the links you included. I still have a question about NAC, wondering how that would help?

    What I ought to have included is that I am taking adrenal supplements including licorice and ginseng (and they are helping immensely), GlucoBalance by Biotics Research (miracle in a bottle for me) and while getting out of the danger zone, bioidentical prog and estrogen as well as DHEA and pregnelone. All my saliva tests showed very depressed stage of all. This last Spring I thought I might be passing from this world but there were other plans for me.

    So three months ago I started these and am starting to come out of emergency zone. Want to really work on liver. Curious about the NAC.

    Since I’m taking supps for the other situations, want to be careful not to double up on anything. I still feel liver needs a gentle cleanse – more than I am doing with the good eating and Milk Thistle.

    Did this paint a more clear picture?

    • PatBlockND says:

      NAC is very safe and you can assure yourself of that by starting slowly. You can read the technical into on it here. As your liver & adrenals become more functional you shouldn’t need the bioidentical hormones (I’m def not a fan of them long term.)

      • Stephanie Hosey says:

        Yes, I agree. I only want (and I think my dr’s agree) to take them as long as only necessary. I really don’t know how I could have begun to recover without that intervention. My only challenge is to see how long the recovery takes and find where I can transition off. This time my recovery is taking a significant amount of time but I believe this will be true restoration.

        In fact, it’s only been 6 mos since I started and I’m retesting saliva to see where I am now.

        Thank you. Very, very helpful and a direct! answer to prayer. Involved in a 21 day fast (not of food) with several other women….as I began to ask guidance about the liver, I found this page. But I had looked before only in vain. Once the fast started the answer came very simply and clearly. And info based on Creation, not evolution.

        Thank you!

  8. Terri says:

    Hi Pat,
    You mention to change to Liver Balance if Enviro-Detox is causing diarrhea during week 3. Can you switch during week 3, or do you need to take Detox for week 3 and switch to Liver Balance during week 6?

  9. Inga says:

    Hello Pat! I would appreciate your answer. I am cleaning my liver by Dr. Clark method, I assume you are aware of. After few cleanses I developed in my right arm Dyshidrotic Eczema. Could be related with the liver cleanse. Thank you!

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Inga,
      Dr Clark and I differ philosophically.
      I’m not a supporter of zapping microbes because they are not the underlying cause of disease. I also believe if you nourish the liver it will do a better job of cleansing itself. You may want to take a rest from that cleanse and do maybe the C. Blood Stimulator which can help skin issues too.
      According to Traditional Oriental Medicine the liver governs the skin. Instead of cleansing it, consider building it up. Then it can take care of itself and your skin. The first 2 weeks on the Gentle Liver Cleanse are building and nourishing to the liver. Then we give it ingredients to cleanse it.

  10. Inga says:

    Thank you Pat! I have acne for quite a few years and I will try to do Gentle Liver Cleanse. Good luck in your work in educating people…

  11. Jenn says:

    Hello –

    I appreciate the time and talents that you’re using to help others! Thank you!

    I have psoriasis from head to toe. I do not take any medications or use any topical creams for it. I was told, a few years ago now, that I have gout. So, I take Allopurinol; however, my current PCM does not think that I have gout, rather RA. I do take ibuprofen (800) to combat any arthritic pain that I may feel. I only take the ibuprofen before bedtime, though *suggested* every 4-6 hours.

    I also take some natural supplements: whole food vitamins (Source of Life), Calcium w/D (as calcium carbonate), Triple Omega (fish, flax, olive) supplement, New You (It Works! Global, HGH compound; 2 at bedtime, 1 in AM).

    I don’t suppose there’s a good way to just stop everything and start a cleanse, is there? I’ve heard that my psoriasis would most definitely benefit from a liver cleanse, so I’m open and thankful to/for your advice.

    Thank you for your time…and patience!

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Jenn,
      Rather than start a cleanse, I think I would repair your digestion first. I have seen this many times. A stress affected gut leaks and causes immune complexes to form creating inflammation all over the body and the doc will suspect an auto-immune process, like RA. But they don’t subscribe to the intelligent body paradigm in which the body would never attack healthy tissue.
      The inflammation begins with the small intestine and that is the place to begin addressing it by using the therapeutic broth with added slippery elm powder to reduce inflammation so you can even absorb the supplements.
      Please follow the Fatigue post because when you have enough energy the body is ready to cleanse. Read the comments too.
      When your energy abounds, then begin this cleanse. And add this Green Tea extract.
      I am not a fan of Calcium supplements, nor HGH, and if your liver is not participating in digestion the way it should those fats won’t get emulsified.
      I hope that gets you started.


  12. Cynthia says:

    I have done liver cleanse at least annually for the last four years. I am currently finishing up WEEK TWO of a new cycle. However, I have had at least three episodes of what I would describe as highly active bowels. (I have never really suffered from constipation or sluggish bowels either!) I decided to take only one tab of Gentle Move but problem has not disappeared. I am wondering if I should just “suffer” through because maybe liver is doing something good for me….. or maybe examine foods eaten…..any other red flags to look out for? Thanks for any advice!

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Cynthia,
      The Gentle Move is usually not the problem and often it resolves the urgency of an elimination. It may however, be the EnviroDetox, so I would try eliminating that for a few days to see if that resolves and then try taking only 1, or 1 every other day.
      As far as diet, I would stick to the Blood Type diet, eliminating those things on the inflammatory list as they can affect the bowels as well as blood quality.

  13. Jim Cunningham says:

    Hi Pat,
    I have, unfortunately, experienced an allergic reaction to just 1 pill of Cipro. (Taken for a kidney infection). My skin felt like it was burning on the inside. Fortunately, it seems to be lessening over the last 3 days.

    How do I make sure I get any residual toxin out safely?

    Thank you,

  14. Jordan D. says:


    Do you know of any kosher sources of the recommended herbal combinations, or alternately, do you think that the herbs would lose effectiveness if they were removed from the gelatin capsule and mixed in water?

    Also, do you know of any contraindications for ginseng use? I have read that it can cause changes in blood pressure (both up and down). Thanks.


    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Jordan,
      Opening the capsules is perfectly fine.
      Maybe some people react to some ginsengs that way but adaptogens like ginseng are just as likely to bring BP down.


  15. Denise says:

    Hi Pat,
    I am going to do the Liver Cleanse and I also suspect I have endocrine imbalance. Can I take Master Gland at the same time?


  16. Beth says:

    What do the letters B and D mean with regards to the amounts of each product?

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