I used to think that since herbs were God’s remedies and perfectly suited for the body (which He also made) that they were the most powerful healing aides.  After seeing and muscle testing thousands of people I have some new insights on this to share.

  • Herbs require at least a partially functioning digestive system in order to be absorbed.  Many people are sick because of longstanding digestive inflammation due to an inflammatory diet, chronic stress, or chemo/radiation poisoning.  These people are also fatigued for that very same reason.  In order to repair the damage so both herbs and food can help you, begin with The Easy Therapeutic Broth Drink to which Aloe Juice (#1680-4) and/or Slippery Elm(#1391-2) can be added.  And of course one must cease inflaming themselves with poor food choices.
  • Herbs require a functioning circulation system to deliver their healing principle where needed.  Cold skin or extremities (due to muscle tension and, sometimes due to blood pressure medications) mean lowered accessibility not only to blood but also the herbal constituents contained therein.  In these cases herbs to relax the body are often needed first. (Address the stress explains the etiology of the damage done by stress as well as many cheap but critical interventions… because blood MUST get there in order to heal anything.)  There are some devices which are indispensable aides to improving circulation which must be employed with circulation issues.  Some  work on the physical tissue, and others on the unseen, but all important energy garment.
  • Herbs cannot overcome an inflammatory diet.  Rule #1 Stop hurting yourself.
  • Herbs cannot overcome crushing stress.  My clients taught me that principle over and over again which is why I wrote my book.    In the mean time I encourage people to practice the emotional stress release daily.  I do.
  • Herbs cannot overcome the effect of powerful pharmaceuticals.  They may help your body better adapt to them, but true to their common names drugs are ‘inhibitors’ and ‘blockers’.  They can also inhibit or block the herbs from working.  If you are not sure whether your med is causing a problem this link will help you find out.

Otherwise, herbs work great!

In the mean time, until the digestion, circulation, diet, crushing stress and pharmaceuticals can be addressed, one may need to employ non-herbal interventions.


6 Responses to When Herbs Don’t Help

  1. Joy Clark says:

    Is Spiritual disciplines for Physical and Emotional Healing still available in hard copy?

  2. Gina says:

    Hi Pat, I have a friend suffering from extreme bad breath due from acid reflux. It’s causing some issues in his marriage. Can you gi e Amy advice on how to treat that?

  3. Devon Tarbox says:


    I am 31 with stage 4 colon cancer. FOLFOX chemo stopped working for me so my DR just put me on a higher treatment regimen. It’s in my lymphatic system and spreading. Not in liver or lungs. I have some genetic mutation per my genetics testing and my p53 pathway has an issue with it too. I eat up to 10 fruits and veggies a day. Starting with wheat grass too. I need a better treatment plan! Asking for help….

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Devon,
      If some chemo didn’t work, then neither will more of it work. It is just all they have, so it is all they know to do. Please read this and reconsider making yourself more toxic. Chemo does not target the mother stem cells, just the daughter cells so it never solves the issue.
      You can go to this link and request an email consult, after reading the Must Read.

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