The Laying-on-of-Hands Affects the Energy Flows of the Body



Introduction – The Body has an Unseen Energetic Field

Unseen energetic flows circulate around and through the body providing energy needed by our internal organs.  In 1994, the National Institutes of Health established the term ‘biofield’, calling it an ensemble or matrix of different energies that extend beyond the skin.  The biofield is comprised of many energies associated with the life process itself.  Although subtle these flows are measurable and critical.  The tissues of our body need nutrients.  But they also depend on a continuous energetic flow.  Research concerning the body’s electric and other energetic properties is not scarce.  Useful and convincing research is found in books like The Body Electric and Cross Currents by Robert Becker, MD, Biologically Closed Electric Circuits by Bjorn Nordenstrom, MD, and The Fields of Life by Harold S. Burr.  These references point out that electric current traverses living things in specific channels, AND that incomplete or interrupted or distortion in those flows lead to disease, AND that completed and balanced currents reverse disease.  (Electric currents give rise to electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic fields induce electric currents on conductors and these are inseparable.)

It is also important to know that human tissue is like a liquid crystal whose functioning depends on its composition as well as the energetic fields in which it resides.   Ever present stress imbalances us and yet there is a simple way to restore balance to ourselves or others by something as simple and accessible as our own hands.


Can we access and improve distorted/stagnated/interrupted energy flows?

Enter the ancient art of Jin Shin Jyutsu translated ‘The Creator’s Art through

To view a short video showing how the flows circulate around the body, click on the picture above. Then, on the next window, click the picture above ‘Philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu’. It begins at the 45 second mark.

Compassionate Man’.

Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is the ancient art of the laying-on-of-hands which happens to accomplish the connection or completion of these energetic flows (internal and external communication) around the body by a process explained as ‘jumper cabling’ – i.e. placing the two hands on specific places on the body in specific sequences (called ‘flows’) in order to unlock energy stagnation about the body.  For a video representation showing some of these flows follow the instructions in the caption.  Under stress or trauma situations these ‘safety energy locks or ‘factors’’ (SELs), like little circuit breakers, become dysfunctional.  The flows upstream and downstream of these SELs becomes impaired as does the function of the organs and tissues enervated or supplied by these energetic flows.  When these flows are interrupted or impaired, the SELs become sore to palpation.  According to  Jin Shin Jyutsu, pain is due to energy stagnation.

The practitioner simply touches the body in a specific sequence with the open hand or holds the fingers or toes.  Often people report feeling twitching or warmth or shock-like feelings in certain areas of the body or along the skin surface (not related to where the hands are actually touching the body).  These sensations often indicate a re-opening of the energetic flow to/through that area.  Often these flows are restagnated by stress but some resonance devices can help hold the SELs open.

These laying-on-of-hands sequences can be done on yourself to open up blocked energy flows. The points to hold are shown in the SEL diagram below.


General Self-Help Applications/Exercises

A hand posture that most ‘worriers’ naturally hold.

1.  Laying hands on yourself – Simple Finger/Hand Holds

There are many self-help ‘holds’ or ‘sequences’ that a person can do on themselves.  (There are self-help classes given by those trained in JSJ and the self-help books can be purchased from the JSJ website.)  The simplest of the self-help ‘holds’ are the finger holds which involve sequentially holding each of the fingers (gently) until pulses can be felt.

Holding the middle finger balances out anger.

Holding the middle finger balances out anger.

This can be done most anywhere but doing it while peacefully reclining allows you to sense how your body responds to each. Begin by comfortably holding your thumb with your other hand until you feel it pulsing.   Note what you feel and hear (like abdominal gurgling or warm water sensations on the skin).  Then sequence through all the fingers of both hands that way.  You will notice that the time it takes for a pulsation to develop varies with each finger.  The longer it takes for this pulsation to develop indicates a greater degree of blockage in the energetic flows servicing that set of organs (see below).  In fact, many people (even children) find themselves unconsciously holding a certain finger or set of fingers while their hands are resting in their lap.  It is also likely that babies suck certain fingers for the same reasons.

Each of the fingers represents a set of organs/functional grouping:

Finger hold
Organs affected
Unbalancing emotion
Thumb Stomach/Spleen/Lymph/WBCs Worry vs Security
Index finger Kidney/Bladder/Brain/Bones/Teeth Fear/suspicion vs Trust
Middle finger Liver/RBCs/Gall Bladder/Nerves Anger/resentment vs Compassion
Ring finger Large Intestine/Lung/Sinus Grief/loss vs Letting go
Little finger Heart/Blood Vessels/Endocrines/Sm Intestine Effort/“trying to” vs Just BE-ing

Distortions in any of your fingers may indicate which unbalancing emotion you are prone to and the organs of your body affected thereby.

2. Laying hands on yourself –Aiding proper circulation of the energy flows.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Safety Energy Locks

JSJ Safety Energy Locks (SELs) 1-26

As energy circulates the body in its densing down to form matter (aka our tissue), the proper direction of the flow is mostly down the front and up the back. These directional flows can become ‘intermingled’ and stagnated or attenuated or even reversed.  The result is lowered function and often pain. This self-help is nice to do at night or while reading or viewing TV, movies, etc.

Place your right hand on your left shoulder near to the neck and palpate for hardness or tenderness. Your fingers will wrap around to your back and almost touch your spine around T1. This is SEL 11 in the diagram. Then place your left hand under your left sit bone (SEL 25). Hold these points until they synchronously pulse.  Then move your left hand to the crease where your left leg is attached to your torso in the front (SEL 15).  Hold these points until they synchronously pulse. Then repeat this sequence on the other side of the body beginning with your left hand on your right shoulder.

3.  Laying hands on yourself – The Main Central Vertical Harmonizing Energy Sequence
This sequence opens, strengthens, and balances the main energy flow – or the major faucets of energy into the energy circulation.  It helps headaches, digestion, spine projects, hip projects, sinuses, emotional and mental stress, fatigue and insomnia, etc.

Lay in a comfortable position on your back.  You may prop pillows under your arms/legs during the sequence to hold arms comfortably in position in order to completely relax during each step. Hold each of the locations indicated in each step below a minimum of three to five minutes or until a synchronous pulsation can be felt in the finger pads of both hands.

Right hand finger pads
Left hand finger pads
1 Top center of the head Middle of the forehead
2 (same) Tip of the nose
3 (same) Center of sternum (breastbone)
4 (same) Just below the sternum (on the stomach)
5 (same) Pubic bone
6 Base of the spine (coccyx) Pubic bone

Although, many feel the results the first time through this sequence, it is good to commit to doing this flow for 7-14 days.

Both the finger holds and this sequence can be done anytime but people find it most convenient to do at night.

4.  The Heart Hold

One hold that my clients with heart issues have found particularly useful is called the heart hold.  Any heart symptoms, even high blood pressure, seem to normalize while doing this simple hold.

With the right hand, gently hold the ring and little finger of your left hand such that the palm sides of the fingers are contacting.  With the index and middle finger of the left hand, touch the left side of your sternum, or where ever your heart symptoms are felt.  Hold this position until synchronous pulses can be felt. 

If you have been diagnosed with heart issues or have any heart symptoms, doing this hold daily will begin to enervate your heart to function properly.  You can also do this with any heart symptoms.

©Pat Block ND 2007  Revised 2011


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  1. Marjorie Roth says:

    I am enjoying reading through your site. So easy to read & follow.

    Great job with a new look!


  2. Jessekah Ennis says:

    Hi Pat- I am unsure where to find the information on the theophostic type prayer. Could you please direct me to the corect location on your website?

  3. Jordan D. says:

    Pat – Is there a proper sequence to hold the SEL points? Am I to hold SEL 11 and then sequence through every single point on the left side (front and back), and then move to the right side? Any further source of information on how to do this correctly? Thanks. Jordan

  4. kim says:

    Hello, I would like to know the Bible reference to the “leaves of the trees, herbs of the field and the laying on of hands” please. I have found it before but now I can not find it after searching many online Bible references.
    I admire your work and thoughts.
    Thank you!

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Kim,
      The phrase you refer to is a compilation of concepts I put together from study and observation (Ps 24:32). First, herbs are both ancient and future remedies ( Ez 47:12, Rev 22:2). They are part of all cultures and clearly God’s provision.
      The ‘laying on of hands’ was considered one of the ‘doctrines’ of the early church (Heb 6:2) which was not elaborated further. But ancient cultures, in particular oriental cultures, have many therapeutic healing modalities using the hands.

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