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There are unseen energetic vibrations everywhere around us.  Natural vibrations come from the sun, the earth, stars (resonating in their various constellations), other people, vegetation.  In fact, all living things contribute to the energetic sea around us which is mostly unseen. Non living things can attenuate it or amplify it.

To view a short video showing how the flows circulate around the body, click on the picture above. Then, on the next window, click the picture above ‘Philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu’. It begins at the 45 second mark.

There are also man-made electromagnetic vibrations created by anything that we plug into the wall or is radiated from battery-powered sources such as our cell phones, WiFi, remotes, etc. These too are unseen.

Our body has its own set of unseen energetic flows which affect the functioning of all vital organs. The National Institutes of Health has acknowledged this energetic activity around the body, and has labeled it the ‘biofield’.  It is our mantle of energy or energy garment that encompasses our body.   The major flows go down the front and up the back. (See caption for video) Then the major flows divide into tributaries which enervate the organs themselves. The ancient art of Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) describes the organization of these energetic flows and how to restore them to an harmonious state using the hands.


Safety Energy Locks (SELs)

Jin Shin Jyutsu Safety Energy Locks

JSJ Safety Energy Locks (SELs) 1-26
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As the energetic flows that comprise our biofield follow their various routes they pass through specific points or gates on the body called Safety Energy Locks (SELs).  According to JSJ there are 26 SELs on each side of the body. These SELs are governors of the flows and can actually become like bottlenecks or speed bumps forcing the normally ordered energy flow to decelerate and eventually seek other flow routes.  This creates disharmony within the body and is called a ‘reversal’ or an ‘intermingling’ of the flows.   If the SELs dampen the passage of the energy, the functioning of the associated organ systems can be impaired. This is often accompanied by pain and can also result in physical accumulations within the body.   Accumulations take the form of localized swellings and weight gain, cysts and other tissue excesses. If the major energy flows slow down, weight gain and fatigue can result.

These SEL points are affected by traumas and stress (stresses are the aftershocks of trauma).  That is how stress causes disease and can cause weight gain.  So for good health, proper body function, and avoiding accumulations, it is advisable to keep these SELs open.
Each SEL is energized or opened by certain wavelengths of energy and the hands can provide all the energy needed.  This occurs as you place your hands on yourself in specific SEL locations or during a JSJ session.  Ancient tradition holds that each of these SELs respond to specific vibrations from acoustical notes, colors, planets, etc.   Ancient tradition also holds that SELs are shut down again by negative emotions or ‘attitudes’.    There are many ways to release or open the SELs with JSJ.   That’s the good news.   The bad news is that these hands-on techniques need to be repeatedly applied in the presence of our repeated negative emotions – sometimes to the point that we wonder if we can hold the balance after a JSJ treatment very long.   But there is a way to help hold the SELs open using resonance techniques.


Energizing the SELs

The wavelengths that energize (or open) the various SELs and other energetic flows around the body can be amplified so the SELs can be opened and sustained using a resonance technique. This idea works similarly to musical wind instruments, or to a laser beam that is formed inside a resonant optical cavity (Two parallel polished surfaces can create a standing wave and amplify particular wavelength(s).)  This resonant phenomena is also similar to the tones amplified when blowing air over an open water bottle.   No matter who blows over the opening, the same tones are heard because the resonance is determined by the distance between the bottle opening and the height of the water in the bottle. As long as there is a constant supply of air across the top of the bottle, there is a constant amplification of that particular tone associated with the water height in the bottle.

Resonant lengths for the human biofield. The wires that are hand wrapped around the rods are to enable the lengths to be attached more easily to the body or clothing.

To energize the SELs, a conductor is precisely cut to specific lengths (see table below) and the ends are polished.   I’ve used 4 gauge aluminum, but other conductors may work.   These lengths vary from 1 to 4 inches for the SELs.  The vibrations provided by our energy garment (like the constant air supply across the top of the bottle), set up standing waves within the resonant length amplifying specified wavelengths.  Holding the SELs open using resonance allows better circulation of energies in our biofield/energy garment.   These resonant lengths (pieces of 4 gauge aluminum) are worn on the body and/or can be placed under the pillow at night.  If the biofield is very contracted such that most resides inside the physical body, placement of the lengths may become important.  This shrinking of our energy garment may be due to chronic fear.

The left hand column in the table below lists the SELs and some other energy flows of the body.  The middle column gives the resonant lengths that will support those aspects of our energy garment.  The third column shows which organ’s function energy is affected when each of the SELs becomes dysfunctional.

Flow or SEL
Resonant Length
Organs Affected by Dysfunctional SEL
Defensive Wei Chi 91.6 mm  All
Trinity Flow (Main Central
plus L&R Supervisors)
75.5 mm  All
Diagonal Mediator 65.7 mm  All
SEL 1 63.5 mm ST, SPL, KI, LV** (see key below)
SEL 2 62.9 mm BL, KI, GB
SEL 3 62.3 mm LI, SI, BL, KI, UMB
SEL 4 61.6 mm BL, KI, GB, LV
SEL 5 59.8 mm SPL, KI, LV
SEL 6 59.7 mm KI
SEL 7 59.5 mm SPL
SEL 8 58.3 mm ST, GB
SEL 9 56.7 mm BL, KI
SEL 10 54.5 mm HT, BL, KI
SEL 11 54.2 mm LI, SI, BL, KI, UMB, GB
SEL 12 53.5 mm BL, KI, UMB, GB
SEL 13 51.1 mm LU, LI, SPL, HT, SI, KI, DIA, GB, LV
SEL 14 47.6 mm LU, LI, ST, SPL, HT, KI, DIA, GB, LV
SEL 15 44.8 mm ST, SPL, KI, LV
SEL 16 44.2 mm BL, GB
SEL 17 43.6 mm HT, SI, UMB
SEL 18 43.5 mm LU
SEL 19 43.3 mm LU, LI, SI, DIA, UMB
SEL 20 43.0 mm HT, KI, DIA, UMB, GB, LV
SEL 21 42.5 mm LI, ST, HT, SI, KI, GB, LV
SEL 22 42.2 mm LU, LI, ST, SPL, HT, KI, DIA, GB, LV
SEL 23 38.6 mm ST, BL, KI
SEL 24 37.2 mm ST, BL, GB
SEL 25 34.3 mm BL, GB
SEL 26 32.4 mm LU
Nurturing Chi 26.8 mm All
All SELs 263.5 mm All

How to Use This Resonance Technique

A digital electronic caliper provides parallel stainless steel surfaces (the ‘jaw’) between which a resonance can be supported.

To determine on yourself which SELs may be of lowered energy or blocked, simply palpate firmly the areas shown on the numbered SEL diagram above.  Each person’s  location of these points may vary slightly, but palpation will determine your locations.   IF they are dysfunctional, they will be painful.  All the points are bilateral but only one side may be painful.  I recommend listing them and prioritizing them according to the number of organ functions they affect and working on one at a time.

To amplify resonance, the easiest way is to use a stainless steel digital caliper (like that shown in the picture) and set the distance to the resonant length corresponding to the SEL you are working on.  For SEL 15, the resonant length is 44.8 mm.  Resonance is set up between the flat jaws of the caliper when placed in the vicinity of the body.  Small calipers may be placed in the shirt pocket.  Alternatively, these lengths may be cut from metal conductors and carefully sanded to the exact length and worn on the body.


What to Expect

Because people have varying degrees of sensitivity to energy vibrations, it is difficult to predict what one will experience.   Some may feel an immediate effect. For most, however, the effect of the rods (or caliper) are gradual and almost unnoticeable. Here is what some have reported:

  • A sense of vibration (or sense of something flowing) along some part of the body
  • A sense of relaxation to an area that is normally tense
  • A sense of temperature changes at specific locations within the body, either hot or cold.
  • Fatigue. According to German New Medicine (GNM) this is a healing sign, but from a practical standpoint this can be metered back if necessary by setting the length aside for a time and then reintroducing it for shorter periods of time.  As the tissue receives more energy, the GNM healing phase is initiated.
  • Physical twitches or quakes, indicating that an SEL is opened and the normal human energy is coursing through areas of previously lowered enervation
  • Because physical and emotional traumas affect our energy garment, some people may recall or dream about unresolved traumas while using the rods. The paradigms adopted during these traumas need to be addressed because negative paradigms continue to scramble our energy garment with each related stress (trauma’s continual aftershocks).

Most sensations are transient. Some linger, but are not unpleasant. If unpleasant effects do not dissipate, then remove the length for a few days and then reintroduce for short periods of time.



First I’d like to thank Bernie Heere, David Lowrance, Arno Waaijenberg and many others for their help, encouragement, feedback and contributions to this work.  Without their patience I may have never brought this project to a completion.  This is a new application of resonance techniques and there is still much to explore regarding the extent of its usefulness.

Now, the perennial difficulty with energy techniques is that they are volatile.  A balanced energy field can be eroded instantly with a negative emotion.  It is my hope that with the resonance techniques the stability needed for physical improvements can be maintained.

Another difficulty with our energy garment is that it is not visible so we cannot see when it gets damaged (e.g. by fear, anger, etc.).  Nor can we see how to lay our hands on our self to correct it.  Over time, a damaged energy garment erodes body function.  Very often, this functional erosion is invisible and unrecognized to us because we cannot see the immediate effects of stress on us.  We only seem to connect those dots after debility sets in.

The other reality with energy techniques is that the ‘trickle down’ effects on the physical organ function can take time.  But by continually using a device that creates a proper resonance, the tissue has a chance to heal.   As I intuited on this and developed these set of lengths in the above table (with the specific intention involving the human biofield) people reported the range of experiences above after a fairly short exposure.  Longer exposures can result in long term improvement.

My first experiences with resonant lengths with my clients yielded mostly positive results, most notably with pain relief.  But pain is a manifestation of energy blockage.  When the resonance device was removed, then the pain began to return.  I can’t help but wonder if some of the ancient metal jewelry had therapeutic aspects which could be felt.

 ** Organ Key

LU  Lung
LI  Large Intestine
ST  Stomach
SPL   Spleen
HT  Heart
SI   Small Intestine
BL  Bladder
KI  Kidney
DIA  Diaphragm
UMB  Umbilicus
GB  Gall Bladder
LV  Liver


11 Responses to Resonance and Our Energy Mantle

  1. Ken says:

    Hi Pat, I saw your post over at “Awaken to Vibrations” and decided to check out your site. I am familiar with with resonant lengths. I use a Ra length of 150mm to cure my aches and pains. I also use 2 rectangular ceramic magnets glued together in a N pole ‘bucking’ configuration for the same purpose.
    Anyway, I have a ten year old daughter with a history of swollen tonsils and coughing …… also seems to pick this easily at school. What SEL length would you recommend to help her?

    Thank You


    PS: Great work, I think vibrational healing is where the world is headed, and you are making first steps.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Thanks Ken,
      It appears that dis-order propagates from the energetic field to the physical body, where physical remedies yield the best correction. Cf with the Chapman reflexes which relieve this kind of stagnation. For your daughter palpate the collarbone and superior sternum for tenderness at any of the Chapman reflexes. Follow the directions there. With consistent application those symptoms resolve, and kiddos can be taught to do this on themselves. Tenderness at these points will manifest before symptoms so regular checking by palpation is advisable.
      As far as lengths for her, consider the Defensive Wei Chi length. This can also be put under the pillow for calmer sleep.

  2. Do you have a more specific directions as how to find these SELs locations? I have printed off the picture, but am not too confident with the locations.
    Have I mentioned (I know I haven’t 😉 ) how much I’ve enjoyed your site.

  3. Having trouble logging into the site.
    Was there a problem during the time I was away in the hospital?

    Please advise … Dick Baublitz xpi

    • PatBlockND says:

      Dick, this post used to be protected by a password until your group read and made suggestions, but now it is open to the public, so I’m not sure what problems you are having since you were able to post a comment on this page.


      • Dick says:

        Thanks Pat;

        My Computer just brought up this old message from 5/17/14 that you wrote … so i figured I had better answer it.

        Thanks Pat … you are very courteous!

  4. Saulo says:

    hi Pat. just wondering whether i can just use the all sels length instead of the individual lengths. do the individual lengths do something which the all sels length doesn’t?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Saulo,
      This would be fun to investigate and experience. The individual SEL lengths are more focused whereas the All SEL is broader. You can think of the individual SELs as narrower filters supporting a small set of frequencies.

  5. Kristine Reed Haagaas says:

    Hi Pat.
    I am an Norwegian women, 66 ears of age, whom are reading your website whith a great interest and surprise. I have never heard of this possibilities before 🙂 I have some problems coused by a long live and hard work, but the problem that is holding me moust back, is inflammation of the upper sinuses, have been there for 20 years, and also a lot of headaces. They say it is due to narrow bloodstreams in the head, and i am using bloddpressureredusing medisin just to keep it stabile. I do not have high bloodpressure 🙂 I am trying to find aut what the resonansnumber would be for the upper sinuses, and maybe it will be the same for the hole head ? I would be wery glad for you answer, and hope my english writing das not make it dificukt to anderstand.
    Yours Kristine Reed Haagaas

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