Have you ever been pushed into a corner to do something you really didn’t want to do – not because it was bad but because …you just didn’t know whether you should ‘go there’ or not?

In some of my classes I had heard some of the other practitioners talking about ‘proxy testing’ and was relieved that I didn’t really need to ‘go there’ with my clients.  Until…one day I got a call from one of them,

“Pat, I’m going to see my sister who is in a hospital in Pittsburgh because they have only given her 3 days to live.  Antibiotics are not working and she is getting worse.  I’m leaving now but I’m coming by your house first, and you are going to give me something that will help her.”

Uh, so what do you do?  Do you ‘withhold good to whom it is due’?  Do you say, “I’m not comfortable with that” when someone is on their deathbed with small children at home?  Or, “Um no, that spooks me out”?

I tried to dissuade her saying that she likely would not be able to administer herbs in the hospital, but she was persistent, “Oh I’ll get them in her, don’t worry.”


So she came right over and with little prep time I offered all I knew to do, saying…

OK so I’ve heard of  ‘proxy testing’ being done but I have never done it.  I don’t know what else to do to help your sister.  I want you to close your eyes and think of her and I’m going to test your arm for her.  ‘As a man thinks in his heart so is he’ so I’m thinking your current will change as you think about her, so let’s just see what happens.

I tested her arm as she thought about her dying sister and suddenly her arm got strong when we got to Colostrum.  I could tell.  She could tell.  She took the supplement and left.

She called later that week, “Pat, you’re not going to believe this, but in three days she was well and out of the hospital – not dead like the doctors said!”

Ugh.  Now where do you put that in your paradigm?  OK so one case does not make a theory…but wait, there’s more.  Yes, many many other cases which I initially considered experimental, in part to try to figure out for myself what was happening by offering, “Well, let’s just see what makes your arm strong when you think about that loved-one and I test though my test kit.”  And then I hear back of these wonderful and unexpected results.

So how does the testor or the testee know what the person who is not present needs?  For now we can file this under 1 John 2:20.  Another thought is that although we do not know everything cognitively, we seem to know it on some level, maybe intuitively.  And that level reads out on the body’s electromagnetic field which is accessible via muscle response testing.

As a postscript to this first event, her sister is still alive some 10 years later and I came to find out that the docs thought her vital organs were failing due to MRSA that they could not stop.  This explains why she needed Colostrum.  Who knew it would reverse her case?

The answer to THAT question is left to those who are not afraid to seek.


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  1. Anne Dail says:

    Hi Pat and Brenda, I am so greatful to u and God for helping me. The Internal med Dr. wants to see me 9am tomorrow. I’ll be there. But my heart is in MRT. I’ll let u know what happens tomorrow when I get home. Anne Dail PS. I have been sleeping alll afternoon. Just got up. It’s 4″30pm. Excuse errors. arms are weak.

  2. Anne Dail says:

    As you asked Pat, I just reread on Proxy testing. I am sure this is from GOD. Plan to call Brenda in a few min. I know this works. Blessings to you and yours, Anne Dail

  3. Pat Federman says:

    Hi Pat, I am a good friend of your sister Monica and have used her foot bath a number of times before and she has given it to me again to use. What herbs and supplements should I order to replenish my system. I know she is putting in an order and I would like to get the right stuff before using it.

    I have some chronic joint, muscle pain in feet (bone spurs, norapathy) and legs and joints from lyme disease a long time ago but still sufffering from the damage. It travels into different joints, but right now chronic pain in feet, especially under left foot in arch and heel. Is there anything to take to dissolve bone spurs? Inflammation in general? I avoid pain drugs and do take tumeric. Any advise? Thanks!

    Anything else I have to sign?

    Pat Federman

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