The Search for the Cure

A search on the Internet for a cure for psoriasis or even eczema leads you to some very frustrating info even to the most patient researcher.

  • Psoriasis has no known cause.
  • Psoriasis has no known cure.
  • There is no reason known why it flares up or goes into remission.
  • There are many promising therapies, including newer biologic drugs. (oh, that will eventually destroy you, beginning with your liver then cascading through the rest of your otherwise well functioning organs.)
  • There are lots of supplements you can take because of these testimonials

As you may have experienced, most manifestations of an imbalance return if the underlying cause goes unaddressed.  Often we experience improvement, only to realize…it was temporary….which heaps on more frustration.

In view of the above frustrations, one must look outside the ‘scientific’, ‘internet’ or ‘palliative’ box.  These generally ignore the unseen, and often, the more powerful emotional aspects of any disease.  But with the dearth of solutions out there it is high time to look on another level for answers.   Pat

So let’s look for some answers for these conditions into some approaches that DO include the emotional or unseen aspects of disease, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the ancient art of Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) and recent discoveries of Dr. Hamer’s German New Medicine (GNM)


Searching Elsewhere – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)/JSJ

TCM and JSJ have similar ancient origins.  They both divide the ‘skin’ into the surface skin and the deep skin.

The surface skin, according to five-element theory, is governed by the stomach and spleen which is considered the 1st depth.  As such it is our outer boundary.  And, if it is in balance then issues go no deeper into the body (much like adequate stomach acids sterilize our food).  First depth skin issues seems to remain superficial, like a surface rash.  The emotions affecting the 1st depth (surface skin) are anxiety and worry versus security.  These people are tormented by some version of these anxious and insecure thoughts: “Am I OK?  Will I be OK?”  So the insecurity aspects must be examined as well as thoughts and scenarios that create(d) those insecurities.  Then employ therapies on the thought level or the next higher level.  I wrote a DIY book on resolving old emotional traumasKnow this: Current stresses are simple after-shocks of early traumas.

The deep skin, according to JSJ and TCM, is governed by the lung and large intestine, the 2nd depth.  So skin issues that ‘erupt’ from underneath are more of a deep skin issue.  The emotions affecting the second depth have to do with grief and guilt versus ‘letting go’ or ‘easy come, easy go’.  These people are tormented by not letting go of some offense, or, have some version of the sad thought, “Why won’t my dream come true?  What if my dream won’t come true?” and struggle to have harmony in their relationships due to ‘dream’ expectations.  Again, quick and short term solutions to dealing with these sad thoughts is found in the Address the Stress doc.  More lasting solutions in my book.


Searching Elsewhere – German New Medicine

GNM relates brain features caused by conflict shocks to the area in the body that they govern.

The surface or epithelial skin is governed by the cerebral cortex that controls all of our ectoderm.  This includes all squamous epithelial linings inside and out.  The underlying thoughts that cause stress to these layers have to do with territorial or ‘pack’ conflicts that make us feel that “I’m helpless, thus insecure in the territory.”  This is understood in the social setting of our family, extended family, professional associations, sorority or whatever we consider our ‘pack’ or whatever we consider our ‘territory’.  So, like TCM and JSJ 1st depth issues these stresses relate to doubts about our social survivability, safety and security.  And long standing conflicts in these areas show up on the skin.

In GNM the deep or corium skin is governed by the cerebellum that controls part of our mesoderm.  Our deep skin and membranes are considered our protection and the underlying thoughts that cause stress to this layer also relate to doubts about our social survivability, safety and security but more from a standpoint of “I’m being attacked.”  This can be verbally, by way of criticism, or physically.   Other conflict metaphors include: “I’m being soiled (or ‘have a stigma’)”, “I cannot defend myself and survive.”


Some Things I Have Found to Help

OK, so having introducted you to the real underlying cause, I will offer some palliatives that my clients have told me helped them.  First is the Gentle Liver Cleanse adding in the SAMe.  In TCM skin, eye, hair on the head, and mood issues point to the liver.  If you are a slow healer, then visit the circulation post.  Second thing that helps is following your blood-type diet to reduce the inflammation in your body.

Topical ointments can help the skin heal faster and look better but don’t address the underlying cause, so once that stressor is triggered, a flare up results.  I can test you for the best of my 40-some ointments at your next appointment.  Then I will ask you to read the skin post.

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