Illness is your body’s rebuke for treating it poorly.

Most of us have unknowingly adopted the ‘dumb body’ paradigm, and thus become

Broth drinker.

alarmed when we begin to get symptoms. Most symptoms are part of the intelligent body’s repair process which we do not want to interfere with, but rather bring to a quick and comfortable conclusion. Basic Principles goes into these concepts in more depth.  So first give thanks that your body has engaged in its natural repair function.


Step 1. Relax and think: Why is my intelligent body doing this? (This helps with remedy selection)

There are generally just two reasons for getting sick.

Reason A. It was over-stressed, hyperactive or traumatized in some way.

Usually ‘sick’ symptoms occur after a trauma, or, after a prolonged period of stress, when you finally get a chance to relax.  This is why many folks get sick on vacation.  Repair symptoms manifest.  It’s OK.  If you don’t panic, and just accept this, and, do the ESRs, you’ll recover much more quickly.  After all, why “fight disease” IF it is your body’s way of of making you well.   If reason A sounds like you, your likely remedies are in the ginseng category otherwise known as adaptogens. Korean Ginseng (#665-4)  3B, 3D if you are tired and cold. American Ginseng (#725-8) if you are hot and hurt (inflammation).  Adaptomax (#872-9) has a blend of ginsengs to help you recover, or, check your herb cupboard for these kinds of ingredients.  Ginsengs are adrenal sparing herbs that help you bounce back quickly.

Reason B. You have been fatigued for a long time and been pushing yourself, and doing dumb things like exercising when you are already tired, or, not getting enough sleep.

If so, your remedies are likely going to be in the energy category (and most likely you are craving sugar or other high glycemic foods). Energ-V (#875-8) 3B, 3D (helps with energy and stamina), and Licorice Root (#420-6) (if any mucosa are inflamed, like the sinuses, GI tract (diarrhea), etc.).  If you haven’t been getting sleep that you need, check out that post.

So IF you know the reason you get sick, then take these herbs when life requires you to overdo it – as soon as you think of it.   Then you won’t be AS sick AS long, if at all.  Have these herbs on hand because ‘feeling sick’ never happens at a convenient time

There are other aids to help your body finish what it is attempting to do.  You can come to my open clinic but please read that post for important instructions, and to see if you qualify.


Step 2. Find the kitchen remedies that you already have at hand.

Have these ingredients on hand because shopping when you are ‘feeling sick’ requires energy, so that won’t serve you well and often doesn’t happen.  Spices are very strong and therapeutic foods. These work.  Herbalists have been using them for years. The most therapeutic home-made remedy that you can make would be determined by your blood type (see below).

Your homemade remedy has 3 parts: meat stock (NOT bouillon), an acidifier, and spices.  In general you will heat a broth which you can obtain by simply straining a canned broth-type soup like Chicken w/Rice, or Turkey Noodle, or Beef and Vegetables (not a ‘cream-of’ soup or one with a thick gravy consistency).  So strain the soup to get the meat broth only, and begin heating it (not by microwaving).  You can also use meat stocks found in the grocery store in the one quart aseptic boxes – not bullion, and not meat ‘flavored’, you need the real deal (shown here in The Easy Therapeutic Broth Drink).   Then lowering the pH of the drink (acidifier) has been shown to be beneficial.  Then add the following spices according to your blood type and symptoms.  Add as many and as much as you can tolerate.  This is not a gourmet recipe.  It is OK if it is a potent and disgusting remedy.  Wimps can sip it through a straw placed to the back of their throat while holding the nose. Just get ‘er down- about 1 cup every 4 hours. You’ll feel better.  No hard to digest foods at this time – just the broth drink.

Blood type A
Blood type B
Blood type AB
Blood type O
Nutritive broth → Chicken broth or miso (no beef or pork) Turkey, lamb or beef broth (no chicken or pork) Turkey or lamb broth (no chicken, beef or pork) Beef, Lamb, Turkey or Chicken broth (no pork)
Acidifier Lemon, lime, cranberry juice Lemon, lime, cranberry juice or Apple cider vinegar Lemon, lime, cranberry juice Apple cider vinegar or Lemon/lime juice
– for chills & fever Mustard, dry Curry, Cayenne (which is red pepper) Curry Curry, Cayenne (which is red pepper)
– for head or chest congestion Fenugreek, Garlic, Horseradish Horseradish Horseradish Horseradish, Fenugreek
– for nausea/ tummy cramps/pain Ginger Ginger Ginger Ginger

Step 3.  Important considerations as you are recovering – work WITH your body

● If you are running a temperature do NOT try to alter it. Keep yourself warm.

Heating Pad

Heating Pad

Hug a heating pad. Your body expended a lot of energy to raise your body temp for a good reason, so conserve it and/or help it.  See the kid’s post for factoids about fevers.  Even if you begin to feel warm do not shed clothes or blankets quickly.  Tolerate as much heat as you can until you sense your body is beginning to sweat. That is your intelligent body telling you that IT thinks it is too hot. Cool gradually, and rest, and pat yourself on the back.  It’s over.  (If you have enough energy to build a temp you likely have enough to produce a sweat.  If not, just slightly uncover a portion of the body to allow for cooling.)

● If you are loosing your cookies often (vomiting), put only lemon and ginger in the broth.  BUT, wait until after you have vomited to sip the remedy and just hold it in your mouth as long as possible.  In these cases, very little needs to be sipped every 10 minutes. Vomiting, although unpleasant, often indicates the liver is dumping toxic stuff and the safest and shortest way out is UP.  So be thankful and take ginger to bring this to a quick conclusion.  HOWEVER, if you suspect food poisoning do these things.

● If there is a lot of sinus congestion see that link.

Silver Shield W/Aqua SOL (Colloidal Silver) (#4274-1), helps the self-recovery process because it reduces inflammation and hastens tissue repair.  The best application of Colloidal Silver is topical using a nasal atomizer shown here.  Inhale deeply to pull the silver to the back of your throat to reduce the mucosal inflammation.

Finally, it would be wise to stock your kitchen with the herbs in step one and the broth/spice ingredients in step two.  You won’t be sorry.


3 Responses to What was I supposed to do when I think I’m getting sick?

  1. Violet says:

    Thanks for yesterday. you told me to email you about beet humus recipe. Please! I put a can in my bullet this morning, added a little garlic and ate it. Pretty sure it can be better than that. I would eat it that way but do not think I can get the family to. Haha Thank you. Have a happy Jesus day!!

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Violet,
      I’ve cut and pasted from my recipe file….

      Beet Hummus
      Combine the following ingredients in the large food processor with the sharp blade
      2 # beets ~ 8 med (cooked & peeled – remember to leave 2″ of stem for ease in handling) [Also can begin with drained canned beets]
      1/2 c sesame seeds
      4 cloves garlic
      scraped lemon peel (zest) from 2 lemons (can use coarser grate since processor will chop finely)
      Process all ingredients until smooth

      Meanwhile, in a large 8 cup measuring/mixing bowl put
      3/4 c lemon juice
      4 t ground cumin
      2 t each S&P

      Add beet mixture to 8-cup bowl and mix well. Use canning funnel to pour into jars.
      Can be stored in fridg for 3 days or frozen
      Makes about 3 pint jars (better stored in 1/2 pints, though)
      Or, place smaller portions in sandwich zip loc freezer bags and into a larger freezer bag.
      This is potent but good mixed down with cottage cheese or sour cream.
      [Hmmm. Think I’ll make some more too.]

  2. Jenny says:

    Besides the broth items and distress remedy what do you consider the must haves in the house for a “medicine cabinet” type kit for illnesses in adults and kids? Pain relievers until the cause can be addressed?

    Also, what is your opinion on detox wraps/castor oil packs? Do they really pull stuff out of the body or does the liver still need to process the toxins? What about the foot ionizer? I ask because if there is a way to help get the yuck out w/o overwhelming the system I may try! Thank you.

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